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Card Bundle/ Organizing Solution for Ribbon/Free digi

Is it Thursday already?? I honestly don't know where this week went... I have been busy organizing and shopping, hehe
I have been wanting to do an altered envelope box project that will hold at least 12 cards so as I am waiting to find the perfect box I got started on the cards...

I made sure to have very little dimension so they can be mailed at minimal cost. I am making this project for a very special person in my life and I thought how great it would be that when she needed a card she could go to this box and pick one instead of having to wait for me to make one for her! 

I got the stickers from E.A.D. Designs and would have never known about them if it weren't from Jessica from over at Chick-n-Scrap, thanks Jessica!!!

These cards were inspired by a card that Jessica did and I fell in love with it, scoot over and check out Jessica's blog, she is beautifully talented and I love her style.

So as I said, I am organizing and this is something I came up with for sorting leftover…

Waterfall Card/ love you a latte

Hello everyone! I decided to be brave and try out a waterfall card! I had searched for the right tutorial and to my surprise Christina over at FlowersRibbonsandPearls(my biggest inspiration) was the fourth one I came upon and the BEST  over at youtube! I shouldn't be surprised at all for Christina's website is the biggest card making site I have ever come across, I have been visiting for over 3 months and still haven't seen half of it! I can't even imagine all the work that has been put into it... Christina , you rock!

If you want to learn how to make this waterfall card just either go to the written tutorial done by Christina HEREor go to Christina's video tutorial HERE( Be warned , once there you may not be able to find it in yourself to leave)

The Waterfall Card is fun, elegant or even magical for a child depending of course on papers and the images you use... all you do is pull the tab and watch it all flip over creating a waterfall effect

Usually a waterfall card…

Happy 20th Anniversary!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was really busy as it is today but I dropped in to show you an elegant "Happy 20th Anniversary" card I made for a friend of a friend. I don't normally make elegant cards but I am happy with the way this turned out!

And here is a picture of my little glicken this morning after he got ready for school, he was in quite the humorous mood! He brings so many smiles to my face, I am so blessed.

Have a  great day!!!